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Shazaam! YOU Are a Superhero Badass! 9 Tactics Tailored Just for You!

This inspirational tale and the truths that follow are for you!  Impact our world by illuminating the wonders within YOU!

I was 21-years- old when my sister-in-law adorned me with my superhero bracelet. I remember peeling the tape from around the small, ornamentally wrapped box, and the rush of surprise and awe within me when I first saw it. Its eye-catching beauty was bedazzling and I was mystified by the pseudo symbolism it emanated within me.

There was an allure distinctly significant about it that lifted my spirits.  I didn’t quite know what it was, but I surely enjoyed the “feel good feels” I experienced every day I draped it around my wrist.

In those early years of ownership, I wore it religiously.  It wasn’t a common piece of jewelry, not your typical fashion statement, so there were many queries about it when I wore it out and about.  I truly loved it and displayed it as part of my wardrobe with immense pride.

As days, months, and years passed, I eventually tucked it away in my jewelry box, replacing it with a new trend, smiling at its presence and simultaneously feeling guilt when I made an opposing fashion choice.

As time carried on and I’d reach into my bracelet drawer, I’d pick it up, appreciating it for its elegance, wearing it when I knew I had to conquer the most fearsome feats, for somehow, I believed it had a sacred influence against any apathy. I’d giggle to myself, insisting it gave me superpowers and evil doers better watch out!

One day, among colleagues, probably a decade later, I was asked about my bracelet. A colleague was admiring the sculpted silver and meticulously etched black and gold carvings.

Without thinking, the words ejected immediately, “Ohhhhh, you don’t know, do you?” I announced. “I have superpowers!” Ha! I insisted, laughter and seriousness bundled together.  “It is my Wonder Woman bracelet!” I held up my wrists and elbows, crossing them, one atop the other, just as the famed icon had done when she was about to transform into a perilous champion, defeater of all odds.

What she didn’t know, was on that day, I was pretty much desperate to make an immense impact.  I had been struggling to break through and I chose to adorn my wrist with this cherished artifact as an intrinsic symbol of power and fearlessness.  Did it work? Heck, yes!  As it did each and every other day I wore it.

I have never taken it off since, save beach days and, no, I am not off my rocker! I am fully cognizant that the power isn’t in the bracelet.  Yet, it sure is fun to think so!

The reality is there is a superhero inside of each of us. We come into this world to make an impact and like the beauty of the bracelet, carve out a path that is so bold and fearless, we celebrate our own superhero status

My bracelet holds my stories and unlocks my courage, but it is really me who makes the commitment and forges through any malevolence and hardships.

Here is some genius wisdom to awaken the superhero inside of you!

1. Be a trendsetter not a me- tooer

You are meant to make a difference in this world.  Step out of your comfort zone and begin today!  Superheroes dare to be different—always in a good way!

2. Your vibe attracts your tribe

Therefore, emanate good and good comes right back to you.  They say there is power in numbers.  You will attract an abundance!

3. The evil-nemesis

Give ZERO value when it comes to assessing yourself based on negativity.  Your opponents represent WHY you need to exercise your superpowers.  Be thankful for them beyond all others.  They are bringing you your superhero work!  In brief, your haters are your motivators.  That’s right, I just said that.

4.  YOU create your destiny and write the story of your life

Know your purpose—superheroes live intently. So, when you feel down, go deep to understand why something is bothering you, and begin working towards changing that because if its bothering your vibe, it is something this world needs you to change for others.

5. Be authentic

Perfection is not part of this equation. Admit your mistakes and share your lessons with others.  Hurry up! Go out, stumble, and share right now!

6. Use your telepathic superpower 

Your intuition is your new BFF! It will guide you to exactly how you should react and who needs your impact the most at any given time, so SHAZAAM! You are on point right now!

7. You are not a lone soldier

Embrace that tribe you’ve created and build a team of hope for the change you all believe in for this world, TOGETHER!

8.  Integrity and Super Vision are your mantra

Always, always follow your moral compass, which is your code of armor. It reflects and deflects.  Trust me!

9. Be the Badass You Were Born to Be!

Never ever shield your character! Character is the most fashionable and only wardrobe you will ever need to wear!  Therefore, wear it well and others will want to mirror your style.

             Here is a photo of my actual bracelet!

Theresa Staley


"We are all here to make a difference, so let's do just that."

This blog is created to share my ideas and inspiration with fellow educators and our world.

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