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Wheels of Fortune: How and Why Learning Goal Focus Wheels Should Be Part of Your Lessons

Learn what learning goal focus wheels are, how they increase student achievement and classroom climate, and specific examples to implement them in your instructional design!

What comprehensive evidence do teachers utilize to determine student achievement?

How do we, as educators, evaluate our students' growth towards learning outcomes?

When, along with how often and timely, do teachers determine our students' proficiency and what data do we analyze to ensure the learning is sustainable?

How many different forms of formative assessments do teachers use to determine achievement?

Wouldn't it be spectacular if one student-centered resource could provide all of the assessment information teachers need, and beyond that, build a climate of motivated learners?

Better yet,

students know what they are learning,

why they are learning it,

what relationship it has with the standards,


can articulate what skills they use when they are stuck!

Learning Goal Focus Wheels can do this

and more.

I promise you!

Click below for examples!

Learning Focus Wheels

Can be used to/for:

1. Set a Purpose for Learning

2. Differentiate Learning

3. Annotate During Whole Group/Small Group Activities

4. Student Artifacts for Multiple Pieces of Student Evidence

5. Teacher Artifacts for Differentiation

6. Teach Learning Target Using Multiple Activities Simultaneously

7. Demonstrate Highest Level of Student Thinking on the DOK (Depth of Knowledge Chart)

What They Do:

1. Provide a Purpose for All Students to Learn

2. Act as an Ongoing Product to Gauge Learning During the Lesson

3. Increase the Rigor of Student Learning- Because Students Must Evaluate and Assess What They Did to Overcome Hurdles as They Are Engaged in Their Learning Process

4. Get Kids Excited About What They Are Learning

5. Are Fun Ways to Innovate the Delivery of Instruction

6. Ensure You, the Teacher, Are Delivering and Reaching Learning Targets, Teaching the Standards, Providing Differentiated/Student Centered/Engaged Opportunities to Learn

7. Being a Teacher Guide/Coach- Rather Than a Teacher Director

8. Did I Say Data, Data, Data?

9. Allow for immediate Intervention and Immediate/Ongoing Student/Teacher Conferences

10. Build the Most Amazing Classroom Climate!

11. Allow Students to See How Smart They Are!

Learning Goal Focus Wheels are ridiculously amazing!

You will have data, engagement, sustainability,

student learning, ongoing anecdotal evidence, and more at your fingertips!

This resource

can be implemented with ANY age of students and in ANY content area!

Just, go for it!

Spin Your Wheels!

Theresa Staley


"We are all here to make a difference, so let's do just that."

This blog is created to share my ideas and inspiration with fellow educators and our world.

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